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Rainbow promotes brand marketing in Southeast Asia market



Rainbow Chemical started to explore the company's future development and strategic transformation since the second half year of 2008. Since then, Rainbow Chemical gradually built the strategic plan and business model of global "Rapid Market Access Platform" after a long time international market practice. At present Rainbow has already built such Platforms in more than 40 countries and plans to build platforms in more countries.
Rainbow told AgroPages, the company started to build such Platform once there had progress in platform construction, Rainbow actively began to determine the business model and partners in order to have an early investment returns. Since 2015, Rainbow started to promote brand marketing in Southeast Asian countries in which the Platform has almost completed. Until now, local team organization, sales channel construction has almost completed in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Cambodian. Around 110 local staff in the said four countries are working together with growers to create long-term value by providing Integrated and Innovative Crop Solutions.
Meanwhile, Rainbow is building the "Rapid Market Access Platform" in other Asian countries, such as Myanmar, Vietnam, India, Philippines, Bangladesh and Pakistan, and has the plan to promote brand marketing once the platform set up in the near future.
Source:        AgroPages.com

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