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New Image! UPL initiated new logo on China agrochemical tradeshow



China Plant Protection Information Exchange & Pesticide and Sprayer Facilities Fair took place in Hefei, China recently. During the event, AgroPages journalist visited the Indian crop protection company UPL Limited, which participated in this event for the first time.

It was noticed that the company has some very well-known and fast growing brands in local market but the company name as such is not very familiar to some Chinese distributors since it is the first time to exhibit the booth in this event. One distributor told that he had long been the distributor of the Mancozeb products brands from Cerexagri, but never noticed UPL behind it. “We also noticed the situation “One staff from UPL said, “In order to widely increase the awareness of the UPL brand in China, the company initiated new logo in this event, simplified the company name from ‘United Phosphorus Limited’ to ‘UPL’, which is concise and clear, easy to read and write, which will significantly enhance the brand awareness in China market and globally.”

The company displayed all the brands in China market in this fair, including the series of products it has by acquiring Cerexagri in 2006. Many brands are actually famous in many markets, for example, brands of organosulfur and copper products, as well as some brands of mancozeb products. These products are with supreme quality and performance, and have been well known among distributors and farmers and have grown rapidly in last few years. This display will further help the China market get a clear picture about the connection between UPL and these brands.

It is learnt that UPL covers the entire territory of China, even in most distant provinces like XinJiang and Hainan. The company performs well especially in China fruit and vegetable market. Currently, UPL is one of the limited numbers of off-patent companies that have to have a decent presence in branded segment in highly competitive China market, and the only one from India.

About UPL

“UPL Limited ", formerly known as United Phosphorus Ltd., incorporated in 1969, is a leading global producer of Crop Protection Products, Intermediates, Specialty Chemicals and Other Industrial Chemicals. The company also provides value added Agri inputs from seeds to crop protection and post harvest solutions to its customer base in 123 countries. UPL is the largest manufacturer of agrochemicals in India and ranks amongst the Top 5 post-patent Agrochemical Manufacturers in the World. In AgroPages “Top 20 Global Agrochem Firms List 2015”, UPL ranked the No. 11, with agrochemical sales of 1,835 USD million.

UPL entered China market in 1999, established a wholly-owned subsidiary in Shanghai.

Source: AgroPages.com

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