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Dow AgroSciences to launch three pesticides in China in 2016



On November 21, 2015, Dow AgroSciences (China) 2016 New Product Launch was held in Hefei, Anhui Province. The three newly-launched products, Sporxy™ (5.7%spinetoram+28.3%methoxyfenozide), Arben™ (3.4%Isoclast®+33.6%chlorpyrifos) and Static™ (20%Isoclast®+20%spinetoram), are all pesticides and the latter two are Isoclast® active, one of the latest new active ingredient brand (Sulfoxaflor) of Dow AgroSciences. Following the first wave launch of Isoclast™ active products, Typhoonee® and Closer® in China in 2013, once again, Dow AgroSciences is going to put out the latest innovative products of Isoclast® to China market.

About 300 guests were invited to participate the launch event, including channel customers of Dow AgroSciences, as well as experts from National Agricultural Technology Extension Service Center (NATESC) and Provincial Plant Protection Stations. Michael Zhu, Greater China Commercial Leader of Dow AgroSciences delivered opening speech and expressed that, as the worldwide leading crop protection company, Dow AgroSciences is always put great importance to expand the Chinese market. He also stated that the launch of three new products demonstrates very well the company’s brand purpose by creating value for farmers with innovative technology.

Leo Hu, Strategic Marketing Leader of Dow AgroSciences China, introduced the three new products respectively. Besides, he noted that with China agro chemical industry facing a variety of problem such as grain price slide, land consolidation, channel integration, e-commerce, etc, product selection and early development are key for channel customers to be success in such a dynamic market. Dow AgroSciences has established a team of 300 people to provide continuous investment and support to channel partners to win the markets in a profitable and sustainable way. When it comes to the innovation of these products, Hu stressed that the active ingredients of the three new products have won a number of awards since 1998, including two US Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards, Annual 100 Top R & D Award for Isoclast®, etc.

Mr Liang Diyun, Senior Researcher of NATESC, was invited to introduce the efficacy and characteristics of Sporxy™, Arben™ and Static™, as well as their performance in controlling rice stem borer, rice planthoppers, aphids, and thrips based on the demo trails they did in 2015. Liang believed that these products will not only help farmers effectively solve the problem that pests on rice and vegetables which are resistant to conventional pesticides, but also in line with the national policy that by 2020 pesticide use is expected to achieve zero-growth for environment protection.

Source: Dow AgroSciences News Release

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