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Pesticide registration officials from Cuba and Panama visit ICAMA

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Officials fromCubaandPanamavisited ICAMA, and helda seminaron pesticide registrationregulationon Sept. 23, 2014.

The three visitors were Mr. Jos Antonio de La Paz Alvarez, Director of the Pesticide Registration Division of the National Center of Plant Health of the Ministry of Agriculture of Cuba, Mr. Daniel Enrique Palacio Estrada, Secretary of the Pesticide Registration Committee of Cuba, and Mr. Ricardo Chiari Rios, Director of the Agri-chemicals Division of the Department of Plant Health of the Ministry of Agricultural Development of Panama.

At the meeting, representatives of ICAMA introduced to the guests the basic situation of pesticideregulationinChina, the major responsibilities of ICAMA, and the risk assessment of pesticides inChina. The visitors also briefed the participants on the pesticide registration administration inCubaandPanama. Through friendly consultation, the Chinese and Cuban sides reached preliminary agreement on the intent to update the MOU on bilateral cooperation in pesticide registration administration.


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