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Jiangsu Sevencontinent launched new glufosinate product in China

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Recently Jiangsu Sevencontinent Green Chemical Ltd released in Hefei its new glufosinate – Jingtiandi (200g/l glufosinate AS). The product is of radical herbicidal effect, fast acting property and long-lasting efficacy, being safe and environment-friendly. It is effective against worst weeds like eleusine indica, horseweed herb, crab grass and purslane, as well as showing good result on glyphosate-resistant weed.

Jiangsu Sevencontinent is China’s largest triazole fungicide production and research base with most complete varieties. The company wishes to implement a strategic transformation via the release of glufosinate AS.

In the years ahead, Jiangsu Sevencontinent is prepared to develop 40%, 50% aqueous solution and 70% soluble granule mixtures, which will further prolong the product long-lasting effect. Apart from glufosinate, the company is planning to launch new product series such as spirodiclofen, clethodim, flutriafol and mixture of jinggangmycin and epoxiconazole as a strong backup for formation of more crop protection solutions to fulfill the market needs.

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