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China registered first Bacillus methylotrophicus biofungicide



In January, North China Pharmaceutical Group Aino Ltdobtained temporary registration with ICAMA for China’s first Bacillus methylotrophicus 9912 technical and wettable powder. The wettable powder is registered as against cucumber gray mold. Bacillus methylotrophicus is a new specie reported in 2010 by Munusamy Madhaiyan, etc. Bacillus methylotrophicus 9912 is a strain of marine bacteria screened and separated from sea mud samples of Bohai Sea, as successfully conducted by the research team of the Institute of Applied Ecology, Shenyang, affiliated to the Chinese Academy of Sciences, being named BAC-9912. 
An indoor determination of activity shows that the biological substances including the lipopeptide antibiotics as generated by BAC-9912 has a very strong antimicrobial activity against the pathogenic bacteria of gray mold -Botrytis cinerea. A toxicologic study and environmental impact assessment prove it to be free of impact and pathogenicity to people, livestock and environment. Field trials held for years prove BAC-9912 to be significantly effective against cucumber/tomato grey mold and late blight, cotton wilt and apple rot. Meanwhile BAC-9912 can be used as Plant Growth Promoting Rhinoacteria (PGPR) to enhance plant growth. It is a novel, high-efficient and environment-friendly biofungicide which, after industrialization, will replace imported chemical pesticide and provide great market potentials. 
Source:        AgroPages.com

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