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Work conference on implementing Rotterdam Convention and Stockholm Convention held in Mudanjiang.

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2015-09-29 1089

ICAMA held a work conference on the implementation ofRotterdam ConventionandStockholm Conventionin Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang Province on July 14-16, 2015. Nearly 30 experts and representatives from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, China Crop Protection Industry Association, someLocal-ICAs and enterprises attended the conference chaired by Zhang Wenjun, head of the InternationalDivision of ICAMA.

At the gathering, the conference of the parties to the three conventions includingBasel Convention,Rotterdam ConventionandStockholm Conventionwas briefed. Besides, participants also compared notes on the national implementation plan and the basic situation of the implementation of these conventions in China, and introduced China??s management policies on agrochemical registration, restriction on use of agrochemicals, registration revaluation and the latest development. Participating experts also had in-depth communications and discussions on how to rationally apply relevant regulations and rules of international conventions, calmly respond to the opportunities and challenges brought by the honor of conventions to the agrochemical industry, and on agrochemicals to be added to conventions as planned, such as paraquat, dipterex and fenthion.

ICAMA Deputy Director Yan Ruixiang pointed out in his closing remarks that China is a large producer, user and exporter of agrochemicals, accounting for a large proportion of the world??s agrochemical industry, so implementing conventions likeRotterdam Conventionas a member state is the fundamental obligation of China. He also concluded, ??We will implement these conventions by meeting their requirements for agrochemical registration and assessment, linking the registration and assessment with the requirements of registration materials, guide the health development of enterprises, and realize institutionalized, procedural and normalized implementation of these conventions.?? Agrochemical enterprises need to focus on the development situation of the performance of conventions, take precautions and try to find solutions.

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