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Announcement No.1746 of the Ministry of Agriculture



In order to further implement Announcement No.1158 jointly issued by Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Industry & Information Technology, and protect the safety of agricultural production and biological environment, in accordance with the opinion of National Pesticide Registration Reviewing Committee, MOA formulated regulations on the glyphosate content of glyphosate mixture aqueous solution, and hereby announces as follows:

1. As of the date of issuance of this Announcement, field test and registration application for glyphosate mixture aqueous solution with active ingredient content below 30% (including temporary registration, full registration and renewal registration) shall be stopped.

2. Glyphosate mixture aqueous solution below 30% content, which is already approved for registration, in accordance with point 4 of this Announcement, shall modify the content up to above 30% and complete necessary registration amendment procedures by 31 August 2012; after the time limit, the former pesticide registration certification and temporary registration certification shall not be maintained.

3. For product which has obtained field test approval while registration application is not yet filed, glyphosate content modification shall be required upon registration application.

4. The following documents shall be submitted upon glyphosate content modification:

4.1 Application for content modification;

4.2 Quality standard of modified product and instruction of standard formulation;

4.3 Quality test report of modified product (issued by legal quality test institute at provincial level or above);

4.4 Label specimen of modified product;

4.5 Experiment documents shall be provided upon alteration of application dosage;

4.6 Pesticide registration certificate or temporary pesticide registration certificate (original).

5. The glyphosate products with active ingredient content lower than 30% which produced in accordance with the former pesticide registration certification and temporary registration certification are allowed to be sold and used within shelf life until 31 August 2012.

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