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Syngenta to launch 3 new products in China

Release time:2015-12-04 Views:1058

2015-12-04 1058

At the last week’s 31st China Plant Protection Information Exchange & Pesticide and Sprayer Facilities Fair, Syngenta promoted 3 innovative products based upon its latest research achievement – the insecticide Proclaim Fit, the herbicide Kelituo and the seed coating agent Fortenza Duo. 


Proclaim fit: this is a lepidoptera pest insecticide with UV technology and double functional mechanism, which is applied in the hatching peak time and low instar larvae period to control both nematode egg and larva so as to control the initial population number for the purpose of long-lasting protection of vegetable from insect damage.

Kelituo (glufosinate 20% AS): this is a non-selective herbicide of high purity and reliable performance, being safe, effective and environment-friendly, which also prevents the hardening of soil.

Fortenza Duo: this is a new generation broad-spectrum insecticidal seed coating agent, produced via mixing of the state-of-the-art cyantraniliprole and thiamethoxam, which effectively prevents and controls various underground and ground insect pests, providing corn seedling with full protection to ensure seedling to grow fully and completely.

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