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Wynca Glufosinate 200g/L SL

Summary:Wynca Glufosinate 200g/L SL

Wynca  Glufosinate 200g/L SL

 It is formulated by high purity Glufosinate technical. Clear and transparent. Glufosinate is an excellent non-selective herbicide for rapid effect, persistence, broad-spectrum and environment-friendly properties. It can control weeds which are resistant to Glyphosate and Paraquat, such as Gramineae, Conyza canadensis (L.) Cronq., Equisetum arvense, Cyperus rotundus L.. Glufosinate has not only good herbicidal activity, but also insecticidal and bactericidal activity.Proposed to use: Glufosinate-resistant crops, canola, cotton, soybean and maize.


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